For anyone that has difficulty entering or exiting a kayak or merely wants the convenience of doing so with ease, the following products offer solutions.


The revolutionary new kayak launch stabilizing device that takes the fear out of mounting or  leaving a kayak at the dock! 

View these videos demonstrating how KayaArm helps you enter and exit your kayak easily and safely!

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Canadian Patent No. 2,706,497. US Patent No. 8,381,673.


The latest addition to the kayak launch stabilizer series, a portable version for kayak entry/exit either at a shore or dock. 

If you are a kayaker who typically kayaks where there are no docks, perhaps you have an interest in KayaLeg.

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Canadian Patent Application No. 2,768,114. US Patent No. 8,915,207.

Tide Pulley

The Tide Pulley, when affixed to one of the attachment holes at the upper end of the KayaArm mast, enables height adjustment of the KayaArm arm that may be needed due to tide level changes upon return from a kayaking excursion.

The arrangement consists of attaching the Tide Pulley assembly, replacing the chain with a rope and for tying off the rope adding a cleat at a location that is reachable from the returning kayaker in their kayak.

The pulley arrangement consists of an aluminum bracket, the pulley and all the stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers required.

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Kayak storage at the dock

By installing two KayaArm assemblies they may be used for kayak storage at the dock by centering the kayak between the 2 arms raising the kayak out of the water.
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Winter Storage

At end of season, a third use consists of mounting them on the garage, shed or car port wall to provide for winter storage of the kayak.
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What sheer pleasure to mount my kayak with no problems. In and off like a bullet! I am in love with the arm.

Oh, Yes. Your invention passes that ultimate test: Why didn’t I think of that!

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