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The take it with you kayak launch stabilizing device (Canadian Patent Application No. 2,768,114. US Patent No. 8,915,207) for entry/exit at the shore or your dock by Ralph Wirsig, inventor of the KayaArm.

If you are a kayaker who typically kayaks where there are no docks, you need to know about KayaLeg.

velcro-clampKayaLeg is a product for “Kayak Trippers”—kayakers who load their kayak onto their vehicle for travel to a distant water body where they launch their kayak from a nearby shore to commence a paddling journey to various water vistas and stopover locations.

For many kayakers, the most challenging part of the journey is the difficulty of entering or (even worse) exiting their kayak without experiencing a “roll-over” into the water or at best getting their feet wet. If you can identify with these concerns, then KayaLeg is for you.

KayaLeg is a patented stabilizing device for entering/exiting a kayak. While requiring a somewhat higher skill level than with KayaArm  it requires not nearly the level of skill and athleticism needed for kayak entry/exit using the “paddle bridge approach” or similar other methods. While KayaArm is limited to use with a dock, KayaLeg offers portability and provides kayak stabilization for entry/exit at a shore or dock where there is no KayaArm. It works for canoes too.kayaleg-view

Once the low profile KayaLeg paddle clamping device is added to or built into the kayak or canoe the existing paddle is used in an outrigger fashion for the stabilizing function thus eliminating the need for any additional hardware which would need to be stowed. Hence no mess no fuss for instant ready kayak stabilization at entry/exit.

Those with docks may want the best of both worlds: KayaArm for the ultimate in ease, comfort and convenience at their dock and KayaLeg for travel to a dock or shore where there is no KayaArm.

First view the KayaLeg video below:

Now view the next video below to see what life was like before the “arm” & “leg” (KayaArm & KayaLeg).

Note the functionality contrast between kayak entry/exit with KayaLeg which is completed with relative ease and no wet feet (important in early and late season) and entry/exit at a shore using the “paddle bridge approach” demonstrated near the end of this video.

This video of kayak re-entry is by a first time KayaLeg user after crossing a beaver dam.

Deep Water Kayak Reentry using KayaLeg

KayaLeg can also be used for deep water kayak reentry. Just add a paddle float to one blade of your kayak paddle and then clamp the paddle into the KayaLeg device.

img_3737_1KayaLeg OE
(Original Equipment)

Up until now KayaLeg has been an aftermarket add-on device as described above. Hopefully in the not too distant future “KayaLeg as an OE (original equipment) feature” will be integrated into the mould of any sit-in kayak.

img_3734_1The prototype I constructed demonstrates performance identical to the existing aftermarket design and illustrates the desired low profile design where the KayaLeg is integrated into the kayak shell. Aesthetically, the prototype does not show the mounting bolt free surface and the seamless smooth contours that would be possible in a moulded-in version of “KayaLeg OE”. img_3733_1So, is this a feature that you could use and would like to see offered in kayaks?

I welcome your feedback.

Best regards,
Ralph Wirsig

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