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KayaArm Kayak Launch System

Easy entry to and from your kayak at the dock

KayaArm Kayak Launch & Stabilizer System

Take the fear out of getting in & out of the kayak with the KayaArm Kayak Launch System

  • low cost

  • easy/simple to use

  • easy/simple to install

  • safer to enter and exit your kayak

  • compact and convenient

  • for use in fresh & tidal waters

  • revolutionary patented design

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KayaArm Kayak Launch Stabilizing Device
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Happy Kayakers!

“For the first time in several years, I have no concern getting in and out of my kayak. Wish I had purchased it earlier. I was honestly skeptical it could be so effective. Great simple design with sturdy materials”.
North Carolina, USA

Alternative use and configurations available

  • Don’t like lifting your kayak from the water? Problem solved! Easily lift your kayak from the water with the KayaArm.

  • Easily adjust the height for tidal waters. No more surprises returning after tide changes.

  • Install two KayaArms on your dock and easily store kayaks out of the water.

  • Mount on the garage or shed for seasonal storage.

lifting your kayak from the water
Kayak storage at the dock
Kayak winter storage


Save $50 on the
purchase of TWO

The KayaArm is also designed to be used for lifting your kayak from the water, kayak storage at the dock,  as well as mounting on the garage, shed or car port wall to provide for seasonal storage for your kayak.

Get two today!

Happy Kayakers

Thought I would relay to you that I put the device together, installed it on the dock, all with absolutely no issues. I stood up in the kayak and it was stable, sat down and off I went. Returned to the dock and the device again worked as advertised. Thank you, I am a very satisfied customer as I am sure you hear back from many others….GREAT PRODUCT!

Georgia, USA

I love it! Easy to use and it keeps my kayak dry and spider free!  Love not having to struggle with a cover anymore.  I hope to be able to buy another set next season for our other kayak.

Ontario, CANADA