kayak launch dock system
  • Stable

  • Easy to install

  • For Docks in Fresh or Tidal Waters



Taking the fear out of entering or exiting the kayak. 

KayaArm. the revolutionary new kayak launch stabilizing device that makes it safer to enter and exit your kayak at your dock. Getting into, launching and getting out of a kayak has never been this easy.

Watch this video demonstrating how KayaArm helps you enter and exit your kayak easily and safely!

$299 Single KayaArm


Other Configuration Options Available


Save $50 on the purchase of TWO

The KayaArm is also designed to be used for kayak storage at the dock, as well as mounted on the garage, shed or car port wall to provide for seasonal storage for your kayak.

Don’t like lifting your kayak from the water? Problem solved!
View the video as how 2 KayaArms are better than one!

kayak stabilizer storage at the dock

Dock Storage

At end of season, a third use consists of mounting them on the garage, shed or car port wall to provide for winter storage of the kayak.

Live in Tidal Waters?

With the addition of our tide pulley system you can easily adjust the height of the KayaArm while in your kayak. For use with fixed docks or piers with changing water levels.

How enter/exit, stabilize, store, raise and lower a kayak from a high dock in tidal waters using two KayaArms and a tide pulley.

Tide Pulley and Ladder

Enables height adjustment of the KayaArm lift that may be needed due to tide level changes upon return from a kayaking excursion.

2 KayaArms
$549 (save $50)


Single KayaArm + Tide Pulley


2 KayaArms + Tide Pulley + Lift/Hoist/Storage
$575 (save $50)


I finally was able to try out my KayaArm this week. Worked like a charm! Thank you for coming up with this marvelous invention! It’s wonderful to be able to get in and out of my sit on top kayak without getting wet! It’s installed on a floating dock on our tidal creek.

2016 Sept • from Edisto Island, SC

“I can’t tell you how your KayaArm has changed everything.  Kayaking from our dock is so easy and such a pleasure thanks to your invention.  We now Kayak with ease everyday.  Thank you for your brilliant addition of a Tidal Bracket and Pulley system so we may easily change the arm height from the water.  Now a fixed dock and large tidal change is no challenge for us. Thank you again for you wonderful invention!”

2016 June
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