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Introducing KayaLeg OE

Kayak stabilizer built into the kayak

Up until now patented KayaLeg has been an aftermarket add-on device. Hopefully in the not too distant future “KayaLeg as an OE (original equipment) feature” will be integrated into the mould of any sit-in kayak.

The prototype I constructed demonstrates performance identical to the existing aftermarket design and the photos below illustrate the desired low profile design where the KayaLeg is integrated into the kayak shell. Aesthetically, the prototype does not show the mounting bolt free surface and the seamless smooth contours that would be possible in a moulded-in version of “KayaLeg OE”. So, is this a feature that you could use and would like to see offered in kayaks?

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KayaLeg is a patented stabilizing device for entering/exiting a kayak. While requiring a somewhat higher skill level than with KayaArm it requires not nearly the level of skill and athleticism needed for kayak entry/exit using the “paddle bridge approach” or similar other methods. While KayaArm is limited to use with a dock, KayaLeg offers portability and provides kayak stabilization for entry/exit at a shore or dock where there is no KayaArm. It works for canoes too.