What Kayakers think of the KayaLeg


2016 Dec from Alberta: Ralph I can’t thank you enough for inventing the KayaLeg. I HAVEN’T GONE FOR A SWIM SINCE.  We were on the Bow River and Two Jack Lake. Both have perfect spots for using the KayaLeg in and out and I could even stop along the way for a call of nature.

If you ever need a testimonial I will be happy to give one.

2015 Aug from Engineering Professor in Alberta: I use the KayaLeg on my foldable hard shell Oru Kayak. Very impressed with KayaLeg – lots of evidence you have a strong background in Mech Engg!

My parents have a small cabin up on a lake in Maine. They love to kayak, but my mom is often scared about getting in and out when they’re not at the dock – KayaLeg looks like a big help. (2014 May purchase from Maine) Thanks! L

From Christ Church NZ:

Thank you Ralph. What a clever and inventive solution to a common problem.  Congratulations.  I have fallen out countless times when entering / exiting.  (Just call me a novice.)

I have taken time and given thought as to application in wet re-entry.

It could well have a place, but until Steve & I actually trial it I cannot comment further.

As a side comment, in our kayaks we would mount the fixture at the rear of the cockpit.  Reason being is that we use unfeathered paddles.  The stroke used with the unfeathered paddles is different in that we paddle with a low action with our knuckles near scraping the front deck.  We would foul a front mounted fixture.

Congratulations again. B

2014 Feb form Ontario

Excellent idea Ralph!!  I’ve always said I wish where ever I paddle I wish I could get out easily.  Let me know when it is available. C

2014 Feb

That’s awesome Dad!  Congrats!

2014 Feb from Ontario

Yes, yes, and yes!  What a great idea.  I often consider visiting friends across the lake on the Davis Lock Road but I do consider hurting and/or embarrassing myself will not be worth the effort.

So count us in!