Tide Pulley Installation Instructions

To be used with the KayaArm on a fixed dock in tidal waters

The Tide Pulley, when affixed to one of the attachment holes at the upper end of the KayaArm mast, enables height adjustment of the KayaArm arm that may be needed due to tide level changes upon return from a kayaking excursion. This arrangement consists of attaching the Tide Pulley assembly, replacing the chain with a rope and for tying off the rope adding a cleat at a location that is reachable from the returning kayaker in their kayak. 

You Will Need:

  • Tide Pulley
  • Rope (1/4” polypropylene, twisted type vs braided for low stretch or a length of steel cable)
  • Cleat or chain hook
  • 7/16” wrench 

First, affix the Tide Pulley to your KayaArm as shown in the photos. The bracket, pulley and bolts are assembled to fit onto the right side of the mast when facing the mast from the dock. If you would like it on the left side just assemble it in the mirror image. 

tide pulley system

After attaching the Tide Pulley, swap out the chain for your selected rope. After this you will need to decide where to affix your cleat/hook. The photos show two possible locations for an anchor-cleat or hook for tying off the rope and one photo shows the chain added onto the end of the rope enabling chain link adjustment increments. Some experimentation will be needed to determine the best location for the cleat or hook. 

Key considerations are accessibility from the dock and from the water while in the kayak as well as keeping the path clear for entering/exiting the kayak. 

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KayaArm tide pulley system
Tide pulley for changing water height for kayak
Tide pully to adjust the height of the KayaArm